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p. 1/1 ENV 4001: E NVIRONMENTAL S YSTEMS E NGINEERING Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering University of South Florida Semester Project Prof J A Cunningham Handout #3 Spring 2010 The third part of the group project that is due is a complete rough draft . Here are the parameters: It is due on Monday, March 22, at the beginning of class. Each group should submit four copies (hard copies, stapled or bound) of the draft. Your four copies will be given to one of the other groups in the class. Phase 4 of the project will be for each group to “grade” the rough draft of another group. This peer review is a very good way for your group to learn from other groups (both from the group whom you are grading, and from the group who is grading you)…more details on the peer-review part of the assignment will follow later. Format and length should adhere to the guidelines described in Handout #1. You must include at least 10 references.
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