7 - o Flat face heavy jaw large molars o Large brain...

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A. africanus (3.5 – 2.5 mya) Found in South Africa in 1924 450 cc brain size Later postcranial evidence proved A. garhi (2.5 mya) Discovered in 1996 East Africa Tool use? A. sediba (2 – 1.75 mya) Discovered in 2008 Transitional between Africanus and Homo? Paranthropus P. boisei (2.3 – 1.3 mya) P. robustus (2 – 1 mya) o Possibly same as boisei
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Unformatted text preview: o Flat face, heavy jaw, large molars o Large brain capacity (540 cc) Australpithecines’ Importance • Bipedalism evolved before brain increased • Bipedalism probably arose as adaptation to change in environment • Fossil record prior to 4 mya is sparse • Australpithecines were ancestors of modern humans...
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