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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – 921 Planets called the wanderers o Normally wander from west to east o East-west movement is called retrograde Ptolemy – explained retrograde motion by having planets on its own circular orbit, in addition to the orbit around the earth o Planets had their own epicycyles Copernicus – took a heliocentric approach o Found that he was able to reproduce retrograde motion and prograde motion with this model o Did not know the model was correct, but did think it was simpler o Aesthetic change- made more sense that Sun was in the middle seeing as how it provides more light o Didn’t allow his books to be published till the day of his death Could cause controversy with the Catholic church
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Unformatted text preview: Galileo used telescope to prove that universe was heliocentric o Knew that venus was in between Sun and the Earth because it would pass between the two o Used phases of Venus to prove heliocentricity Also disproves Ptolemaic model o Found that moons orbit Jupiter Were not the only thing bodies orbit around o Sunspots Cast doubt on the godlike nature of the Sun o Craters on the moon rough surface like the Earth, not perfect and godlike Tycho brahe Committed his life to observing the planets and made very precise calculations Kepler interpreted Brahes data and came up with 3 conclusions o Planets orbit the sun in ellipses...
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