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The Canadian Core Themes: o Size: not very large o Cultural division o Within North American core Environmental squeeze: can’t go further south b/c of N. America, can’t go farther north b/ c Canadian shield and inhospitable environments Canada’s ecumene (inhabited area) hasn’t really changed over the past century and a half Canada’s east-west railroad was built, in part, to lay claim and set Canada’s border Welland Canal built to circumvent Niagra Falls Not much movement between Great Lakes and ocean b/c Welland Canal too tight for ocean tankers and rapids around Montreal o US and Canada agreed to build canal around rapids to make ocean accessible (cities
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Unformatted text preview: like Chicago were now able to ship overseas) Not used very much, don’t know why • Long-lot rationale: o Wide range of environmental possibilities in each farm • Toronto grew faster than Montreal due, in part, to French Canadian separatist movement o 40% of Toronto population foreign born • The Golden Horseshoe: o Western area of Lake Ontario, very prosperous metropolitan area • Niagra Peninsula: o Proximity to water creates longer growing season in this area • As Golden Horseshoe expands, it’s intruding on valuable agricultural land of Niagra Peninsula...
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