Lord Jim - Quotation identification

Lord Jim - Quotation identification - Chapter Thirteen pg...

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283 Exam Prep – Lord Jim Examine the following quotations in groups. Approach the quotations as you would the “passage ids” for the upcoming exam (April 20 th ). This means exploring the significance of the passage itself as well as relating it to the themes of the larger work. Be sure to zero in on specific language in the passage. Do your best to contextualize the quotation as well as analyze it. Remember, the more thorough you are, the more you help everyone in class prepare for the exam. Group One Chapter One, pg. 3-4: “The living had belonged. ..” to “. ..as a hero in a book.” Chapter Seven, pg.61: “It was a solemn. ..” to “. ..of its failure.” Group Two Chapter Seven, pg. 62: “I could see. ..” to “. ..romantic achievements.”
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter Thirteen, pg. 110-11: And after all, one does not die of it. ..” to “. ..making good countenance. ..” Group Three Chapter Eleven, pg. 96-97: “at his back was the dark night. ..” to “. .. and his voice spoke--” Chapter Fourteen, pg. 122: “Takes it to heart. ..” to “. .. what I wish to see.” Group Four Chapter Eleven, pg. 98-99: “He was looking at me. ..” to “it would have ended—nothing.” Chapter Ten, pg. 85-86: “He must have had. ..” to “. ..could bring relief.” Group Five Chapter Eight, pg. 69-70: “Don't say you would. ..” to “. ..conception itself. ..” Chapter Sixteen, pg. 135-36: “It struck me that. ..” to “. ..I would never forgive myself.”...
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Lord Jim - Quotation identification - Chapter Thirteen pg...

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