9-29 lecture Lawrence

9-29 lecture Lawrence - I want to start off today by...

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I want to start off today by telling you a little more about Lawrence and his ideas about the primal forces in man, and then we can see how those play out in The Fox In a letter written in 1913, Lawrence says this: “My great religion is a belief in the blood, the flesh, as being wiser than the intellect. We can go wrong in our minds. But what our blood feels and believes and says, is always true. The intellect is only a bit and a bridle. What do I care about knowledge. All I want is to answer to my blood without fribbling intervention of mind, or moral, or what not . . . . We have got so ridiculously mindful, that we never know that we ourselves are anything.” Stress on the instinctive powers of man, those that connect to the forces of nature—what he called the blood-consciousness Part of man’s heritage, obscured by intellect and civilization: “The history of our era is the nauseating and repulsive history of the crucifixion of the procreative body for the glorification of the spirit.”
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Sexuality as the main door to recovering this heritage: I am convinced . . . that there is another seat of consciousness than the brain and the nerve system. . . . There is the blood- consciousness, with the sexual connection holding the same relation as the eye, in seeing, holds to the mental-consciousness. One lives, knows, and has one's being in the blood, without any reference to nerves and brain. This is one half of our life, belonging to the darkness. And the tragedy of this our life, and of your life, is that the mental and nerve-consciousness exerts a tyranny about the blood-consciousness. . . . Now it is necessary for us to realise that there is this other great half of our life active in the darkness, the blood-relationship. . . . When I take a woman,
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9-29 lecture Lawrence - I want to start off today by...

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