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note to class 9.06 - H istory 112: This Weeks DSQ, Getting...

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History 112: This Week’s DSQ, Getting Ready for the First Exam, and the Value of the DSQs Professor Emily K. Brock 9/6/2010 Hi Class, I hope you are enjoying Labor Day! Here are some notes for the coming week and for the exam on Sept. 13. Read on for a full description of the topic for this week’s discussion section as well as a discussion of the exam content and study strategies. Part One: The Discussion Section Question (DSQ) This week’s DSQ: “In what ways did Sitting Bull try to adapt to Gilded Age culture, and in what ways did he resist? Did his troubles with this adaptation lead to his death? ” The DSQ which I provide on Monday is the focus of that week’s meeting of your discussion section. The DSQ (or other theme of the discussion section) will be based on required course reading, and the DSQ I spell out in lecture on Monday will be covered in the subsequent meeting of your section. The DSQs will come back to haunt you in the form of exam questions, so it is important to engage in the class discussion and be sure your group covers the DSQ thoroughly. These DSQs are based on historic documents and other complex texts, and cannot be answered quickly or easily. Your brief written DSQ response (due at the beginning of section) lets you get a chance to think through your opinions and perceptions of the issue before class. By articulating your opinions on paper ahead of time, you can speak about them more confidently in the group. While lectures center on ME talking, the discussion sections should center on YOU: debating each others’ opinions about the issues the DSQ brings up. Expect to spend most of your discussion section tackling the week’s DSQ, the reading it is based on, and the ways the lectures relate to it. During a week with a DSQ, a 50 minute discussion section should include 35-40 minutes actively debating the DSQ and related questions, while the other 10-15 minutes of the section may be taken up with announcements, clarifications of course material, etc. It is your responsibility as a student
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to make sure that your section addresses any uncertainty you have about the week’s DSQ, text, and related concerns. Walking out of your discussion section, you should feel confident that you will be ready to tackle an exam question which asks you to explain your opinions on that DSQ topic. Last week’s DSQ was about the interaction between two racially and culturally different
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note to class 9.06 - H istory 112: This Weeks DSQ, Getting...

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