A Sharecrop Contract

A Sharecrop Contract - A Sharecrop Contract (1882) Archival...

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A Sharecrop Contract (1882) Archival document from Grimes Family Papers Collection (#3357) of the Southern Historical Collection of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. This is a typical contractual agreement between a landowner and sharecropper. The sharecropping system ensured that the sharecropper remained poor and in debt to the owner and therefore might never become an independent farmer. To every one applying to rent land upon shares, the following conditions must be read, and agreed to. To every 30 and 35 acres, I agree to furnish the team, plow, and farming implements, except cotton planters, and I do not agree to furnish a cart to every cropper. The croppers are to have half of the cotton, corn, and fodder (and peas and pumpkins and potatoes if any are planted) if the following conditions are complied with, but-if not-they are to have only two-fifths (2/5). Croppers are to have no part or interest in the cotton seed raised from the crop planted and worked by them. No vine crops of any description, that is, no watermelons, muskmelons, . . . squashes or anything of that kind, except peas and pumpkins, and potatoes, are to be planted in the cotton or corn. All must work under my direction. All plantation work to be done by the croppers. My part of the crop to be housed by them, and the fodder and oats to be hauled and put in the house. All the cotton must be topped about 1st August. If any cropper fails from any cause to save all the fodder from his crop, I am to have enough fodder to make it equal to one-half of the whole if the whole amount of fodder had been saved. For every mule or horse furnished by me there must be 1000 good sized rails. . . hauled,
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A Sharecrop Contract - A Sharecrop Contract (1882) Archival...

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