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CHEMISTRY/PHYSICS 740 INTRODUCTION TO ASTROCHEMISTRY WINTER QUARTER 2008 Professor: Eric Herbst Office: PRB 4144; Telephone 292-6951; [email protected] Office Hours: feel free to drop in anytime Class web page: ~eric Required text: none Important handouts will be given out or put on the web page. Grading: There will be homework assignments, a midterm examination, and a comprehensive final. Homework assignments will be handed out weekly to biweekly. The grading will be apportioned as follows: Homework 30% Midterm 30% Final 40% SYLLABUS I. Basic Concepts in Astronomy Galaxies, stars, distances, interstellar matter
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Unformatted text preview: II. The Interstellar Medium Dust and gas: how detected and studied Diffuse, translucent, and dense interstellar clouds Stages of low-mass star formation III. Gas-Phase Chemistry of Interstellar Clouds Efficient reactions at low temperature Ion-molecule reactions, dissociative recombination reactions Rapid neutral-neutral reactions Radiative association Negative ions Molecular synthesis Isotopic fractionation IV. Surface Chemistry of Interstellar Clouds Surface mechanisms The Formation of H 2 More complex species Accretion and Desorption V. Chemical Models Construction of gas-phase models Construction of gas-grain models Results...
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