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C/P 740 Winter Quarter 2008 Dr. Herbst HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT # 1 Due: Tuesday, 15 January 1. a) Determine the average orbital speed of the earth during its revolution around the sun in units of km s -1. b) The solar system is currently orbiting the center of the galaxy at a speed of 250 km s -1 . How long will it take to make one revolution? 2. Determine the mass of the sun from the period and radius of the orbit of the earth. Hint: look up the Newtonian form of Kepler’s Third Law and remember that the mass of the sun is much greater than that of the earth. 3. Determine the standard parallax formula: r ( pc ) = 1/ " ( arc sec) . This expression is derived for a baseline of 2 AU. Suppose parallax is measured with a smaller baseline consisting of the diameter of the earth. Obtain an equivalent formula. Is there any use for such a formula? 4. Determine the luminosity of the sun if the energy reaching the earth from the sun is 1400W/m 2 . 5. What is the absolute magnitude of a main sequence star with distance
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