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Physics 829 Spring 2001 Dr. Herbst Homework Assignment # 2 Due: 13 April 2001 1) CT, Complement H XI , p. 1200. Problems 8c, 9 2) Use the variational method to estimate the energy of the first excited state of the one-dimensional harmonic oscillator. Justify your choice of a trial function. You may assume knowledge of the exact ground state function. 3) Use the He variational treatment discussed in class to calculate the binding energy (if any) of the negative ion H -
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Unformatted text preview: with respect to H + e. The experimental binding energy is about 0.75eV. 4) Determine the polarizability of the ground state of the hydrogen atom when a uniform electric field is applied in the z-direction by using the linear variational function | ψ= a|1s> + b|2p >. 5) Calculate the energy of the lowest state of the H 2 + molecular ion using first-order perturbation theory. Is your result as good as the variational result shown in class?...
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