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Physics 829 Spring 2001 Dr. Herbst Homework Assignment # 7 NOT TO BE GRADED ANSWERS TO BE POSTED ON WEB SITE 1) Assuming no other degrees of freedom, find the allowed state vectors of a system of two spin-3/2 particles that are simultaneous eigenvectors of the operators S 2 and S z , where S is the total spin operator of the system. What are the allowed values of the quantum numbers? Hint: consider the ladder operator method starting from the highest spin state. 2) Show that for a system of two indentical particles, each of spin
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Unformatted text preview: s , the ratio of the number of symmetrical to the number of antisymmetrical states is ( s+1)/s . 3) Cohen-Tannoudji, Chapter XIV, Complement D, p. 1447, Exercises 1, 2. For exercise 2, it is easiest to write out symmetric/antisymmetric combinations of space and of spin separately with known values of L and S, and then multiply them together to get the required symmetry. Remember that a term symbol is defined by 2S+1 L. Repeat exercise 2 for spin-1/2 fermions....
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