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Physics 596 Dr. Herbst EDITING PRACTICUM The following paragraph is meant to be an introduction to a short paper on interstellar clouds of gas and dust: Dense interstellar clouds are studied by radioastronomers who are interested in them I guess or they would not study them. Because many gas phase molecules and also tiny dust are found there laying in between the stars. I think, that it is exciting that ethyl alcohol and water are found together so that a proof can be calculated. However many molecules in space, are different than those on our Planet. Only recently, in the last twenty years, could they (interstellar clouds) be studied, do to the fact that they are cold: new techniques in radioastronomy were needed to study emitting cold
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Unformatted text preview: objects. Because they are all very large, astronomers can pick out special features inside clouds. Sometimes star formation occurs. Clouds contain Organic Molecules which are molecules that contain the element Carbon between other Atoms. Clouds are real cool yet the new forming stars are hotter and emit in the infrared like people according to Wiens Principal. In the remainder of the paper an amount of clouds will be talked about. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) Edit it by listing the grammatical mistakes in the margins, making any comments you deem appropriate, and correcting the order of the sentences. (2) Rewrite it....
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