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Lecture 3 Basics

Lecture 3 Basics - Physics 596 Dr Herbst BASICS OF...

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Physics 596 Dr. Herbst BASICS OF SCIENTIFIC WRITING II E. REFERENCES In scientific papers, the “footnotes” and the bibliography are normally combined into a reference section, which appears at the end of the manuscript. Although each journal has its own style, there are two major approaches: (1) numerical system used in physics and chemistry . Here each reference is given a number such that the first reference encountered in the text is 1, etc. (2) alphabetical system used in astronomy . Here each reference is mentioned by the last names of the authors and the year it was published; e.g., Herbst (1985) or Phelps & Phelps (1975) or Herbst et al. (1999) Physical System IN TEXT: The data were originally collected by Phelps and Phelps. 1 (or [1]) These authors later showed their earlier results to be wrong. 2 (or [2]) IN REFERENCE SECTION AT END: 1 A. Phelps and E. Phelps, J. Chem. Phys. 42 , 316 (1975) 2 A Phelps and E. Phelps Theory of Everything (Academic Press, New York, 1985), p. 342 Astronomical System IN TEXT: Phelps and Phelps (1975) collected the original data. These data were later shown to be incorrect (Phelps & Phelps 1985). Notice that the references are slightly different depending upon whether they are used in an active or passive sense. IN REFERENCE SECTION AT END (chronological): Phelps, A. and Phelps, E. 1975, J. Chem. Phys., 42, 316 Phelps, A. and Phelps, E. 1985, Theory of Everything , Academic Press, New York, p. 342 Variations in the above examples include the title of the journal article, and the first and last pages of the article.
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2 URL REFERENCES In the physical system, just use a number in the text, and mention the URL along with the authors, if they are known, or the organization responsible, in the reference section . Example:
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Lecture 3 Basics - Physics 596 Dr Herbst BASICS OF...

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