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Unformatted text preview: Learning From A Negative Example Previous abstract | Graphical version | Text version | Next abstract Session Q6 - How to Give a Better Physics Talk. INVITED session, Wednesday afternoon, March 18 408B, Los Angeles Convention Center [Q6.01] Learning From A Negative Example Brian B. Schwartz (Brooklyn College of City University of New York, email: [email protected]) Listed below, in no particular order, are the most important rules for giving a good talk at a professional meeting. 1. Carefully check each viewgraph for spelly misteaks. II. KEEP all Type ON each viewgraph the Same Size and Fonts. 3. DO NOT OVERUSE BOLD IN ORDER TO MAKE A POINT. 4. Be sure to keep within the confines and boundaries of the template provided to you by the 8. Make sure the viewgraphs are ordered correctly. 5. Absolutely no alcohol during the talk. (This applies to the speaker only.) 6. Answer all questions, even if you have to make up the answer. 7. Do not raise or lower your voice suddenly. This could disturb those resting in the audience. 9. Make use of the accuracy - clarity voice suddenly....
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