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Stings - • when a bee stings it leaves behind the whole...

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Stings Spiders bite, not sing and can inject venoms Stings are delivered by an apparatus at the end of the tail o scorpion Many insects bite and inject various salivary products o saliva can be quite potent some ants sting others bite and spray formic acid o don’t inject like those insects that sting stinger is a modified ovipositor o ovipositor used to inject eggs into a plant (sawfly) o paracitica – inject host with a single egg o True stinger – acuteata The sting is a modified female genitalia. no males sting, however, there is pseudo- sting behaviors in some wasps o cicada hunters have a very sharp point at the apex of their thorax Bee lancets are barbed and wasp/ant lancets are smooth
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Unformatted text preview: • when a bee stings it leaves behind the whole modified genitalia o pumps venom into the victim o bees die afterwards because their insides are ripped out and left behind • Africanized Bees o more aggressive than other types of bees • The Venom and its actinos o neurotoxic – paralysis of the nervous system o hemorrhagic – increase in the permeability of the blood capillaries can lead to internal bleeding o hemolytic – cause red blood cell destruction o allergic reactions – the body’s reaction to proteins and histamines produces its own histamines o Components histamines proteins non-protenacious • adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine •...
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