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Physics 780.04 Winter Quarter 2007 Dr. Herbst HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT # 2 DUE: WEDNESDAY, 31 JANUARY 1. Bernath, page 153, Problem 10 2. Bernath, page 153, Problem 11 3. Use the simple independent electron model without electron-electron repulsion to calculate the three ionization potentials of lithium. Compare your results with experimental values. Can you think of a more appropriate independent-electron approximation? Hint: consider the possibility of electrons screening the nucleus from other electrons. 4. Bernath, page 153, Problem 8 5. Enumerate the Russell-Saunders term symbols for the terms (“multiplets”) arising from the configurations np 4 and nd 2 . Order these according to increasing energy. Explain why the terms for np 4 are the same as those for np 2 . Then enumerate the possible J values for the p 4 terms, label the states, and calculate the spin-orbit splittings in terms of A. 6. Determine and order the terms arising from the first excited configuration of nitrogen.
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