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syllabus - III Diatomic Molecules(B pp 97-99 321-326 1/24 W...

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PHYSICS 780.04 PHYSICS 780.04 ATOMIC AND MOLECULAR PHYSICS WINTER QUARTER 2007 Professor: Eric Herbst Office: PRB 4144; Telephone 292-6951; [email protected] Office Hours: feel free to drop in anytime Class web page: http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/ ~eric/teach.html Required text: Spectra of Atoms and Molecules , P. Bernath (New York: Oxford University Press, 2 nd edition 2005) Grading: There will be one midterm examination, weekly to bi-weekly graded homework sets, and a comprehensive final examination. The grading will be apportioned as follows: Graded homeworks 30% Midterm ... 30% Final... 40% SYLLABUS I. I. Absorption and Emission of Radiation (B Chapter 1) 1/3 W NO CLASS 1/5 F NO CLASS 1/8 M Transition rates: dipole approximation 1/10 W Einstein coefficients 1/10 W Spontaneous emission & absorption coefficients 1/12 F Line widths & measures of intensity 1/15 M NO CLASS II. Atomic Spectra (B Chapter 5) 1/17 W One-electron atoms 1/17 W Multi-electronic atoms 1/19 F Coupling Schemes; Hund’s rules 1/22 M (Hyper)fine structure and external fields
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Unformatted text preview: III. Diatomic Molecules (B pp 97-99, 321-326) 1/24 W The Born-Oppenheimer Approximation 1/24 W Electronic states 1/26 F Molecular orbitals 1/29 M Molecular orbitals, cont. IV. Diatomic Molecular Spectroscopy (B pp 161-177, 208-224, 326-332, 293-305) 1/31 W The rigid rotor 1/31 W Branches 2/2 F Electronic spectra 2/5 M Electronic spectra, cont. & Raman spectra V. Rotations of Polyatomic Molecules ( B pp 185-198) 2/7 W Linear molecules and symmetric tops 2/9 W Asymmetric Tops 2/9 F NO CLASS 2/12 M Asymmetric tops, cont. 2/14 W EXAMINATION (2 HOURS) 2/16 F Astronomical spectroscopy 2/19 M Astronomical spectroscopy, cont. VI. Introduction to Group Theory (B Chapters 2,3, pp 99-105) 2/21 W Point groups and properties 2/21 W Character tables and representations 2/23 F Spectroscopic uses 2/26 M NO CLASS 2/28 W NO CLASS 3/2 F Quantum mechanics VII. Vibrations of Polyatomic Molecules (B pp 226-253) 3/5 M Classical motion 3/7 W Classical motion, cont. (2-hour lecture) 3/9 F Normal coordinates & symmetries...
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syllabus - III Diatomic Molecules(B pp 97-99 321-326 1/24 W...

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