syllabus - III. The Central Force Problem (G Chapter 3)...

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PHYSICS 821 PHYSICS 821 CLASSICAL MECHANICS SPRING QUARTER 2007 Professor: Eric Herbst Office: PRB 4144; Telephone 292-6951; Office Hours: feel free to drop in anytime Class web page: ~eric/teach.html Required text: Goldstein, Poole, & Safko, Classical Mechanics, 3 rd edition (Addison Wesley, 2002) Grading: There will be one midterm examination, weekly graded homework sets, and a comprehensive final examination. Late homework sets will not be accepted except for special reasons. The grading will be apportioned as follows: Graded homeworks 30% Midterm . .. 30% Final. .. 40% SYLLABUS I. Survey of Elementary Principles (G Chapter 1) 3/27 T Mechanics & constraints 3/29 Th D’Alembert’s principle & Lagrange’s equations (G Chapter 2) 4/3 T Hamilton’s principle; Calculus of variations 4/5 Th Conservation properties & symmetry
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Unformatted text preview: III. The Central Force Problem (G Chapter 3) 4/10 T Eq. of motion and orbits 4/12 Th Kepler problem 4/17 T Classical elastic scattering IV. The Kinematics of Rigid-Body Motion (G Chapter 4) 4/19 Th Orthogonal transformations and Euler angles 4/24 T Eulers theorem & finite rotations V. Rigid-Body Equations of Motion ( G Chapter 5) 4/26 Th Inertial tensor and principal axes 5/1 T Solving rigid-body problems 5/3 Th Symmetric and asymmetric tops VI. Oscillations (G Chapter 6) 5/8 T MIDTERM EXAMINATION 5/10 Th Formulation of the problem 5/15 T Free and forced vibrations VII. Hamilton Equations of Motion (G Chapter 8) 5/17 Th Derivation & examples 5/22 T Least action VIII. Canonical Transformations (G Chapter 9) 5/24 Th Examples & Poisson brackets IX. Hamilton-Jacobi Theory & Action-Angle Variables (G Chapter 10) 5/29 T Hamilton-Jacobi equations 5/31 Th Action-angle variables...
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syllabus - III. The Central Force Problem (G Chapter 3)...

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