Lab Quiz and Practical Exam Rules

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Lab Quiz and Practical Exam Rules Microscopes Do not touch any part of the microscope except for the ocular distance. If the image is not focused, raise your hand and get the attention of the TA. With their permission you may use the fine focus only . Do not move the slide to see areas other than what is visible through the ocular. Specimens Do not pick up the jarred specimens unless absolutely necessary & if given permission to do so. Do not shake, invert or unscrew the lid from the jarred specimens. Do not touch any dissected specimen. Do not move any pinned structures or pins on dissections. Do not tamper with labels on the jarred specimens. Questions If the question is not clear, raise your hand to get the attention of the TA. Do not ask your TA for the answer! Do not look at your neighbor’s paper . Quizzes are cumulative. TAs can ask questions on material from any previous lab, and even one or more from the lab you are about to do….so make sure that you are reading ahead.
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