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writing an essay answer 2

writing an essay answer 2 - trend expressed in a variety of...

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Writing an Essay Answer 1. Read the question. Understand what is being asked, and what is not being asked . Don't indulge in "memory dumping". 2. Organize your answer from the general to the specific (or vice versa) (a) "the big picture and/or principles" ("During arthropod evolution, tagmosis, acting on the metameric arthropod body, produces integrated groups of segments specialized for particular functions...", (b) the supporting facts and observations (Each major line of arthropods shows a characteristic pattern of tagmosis, indicating that tagmosis is a general
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Unformatted text preview: trend expressed in a variety of ways. .."), (c) and well-chosen examples that support and emphasize the point ("Thus, insects have a 6-segmented head, etc, while crustaceans have a. ... etc"). 3. Start each paragraph with a key sentence that establishes the main point of that paragraph. Keep your sentences simple and declarative. Keep everything in that paragraph relevant to the theme established by the key sentence. 4. Write neatly, spell correctly, use correct grammar, and Proofread and edit your work....
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