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Week Five DQ 1 - hear them out because they may have a...

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Week Five DQ 1 -- You may respond to the question as much as you wish, all week long, beginning Monday through Sunday up until 11:59 pm . 8 substantial responses are required for full credit; partial credit is given. DQ responses count toward your participation grade as well. Post a 150- to 300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply: Why is it important to be objective when receiving feedback? How might you use feedback to revise your rough draft to make it as effective as possible? When receiving feedback, it is important to be objective when someone offers advice so that you are open to implementing new ideas into your work. Everyone will not have the same thoughts, so it can be very helpful to
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Unformatted text preview: hear them out because they may have a different perspective on the subject that could add substance to the paper. When others suggest changes to a paper that someone has written, it is not to make them feel discouraged, but to help them make corrections. Often, if a writer does their own proofreading and revising they can miss mistakes because they are so close to the work. However, when a writer chooses to have someone else proofread their work the person is more likely to find errors that the writer could have missed because they are seeing it with a “fresh set of eyes”. Feedback is a very important part of the proofreading step in writing and it is wise to listen to the advice that is given....
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