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USC Biology 102 Final Exam Study Guide-Wolff & Duggins Sp09 The final exam is this coming Wednesday, April 29 at 9:00 am The final exam will be ALL multiple choice questions!!! Duggins - 12 of the final exam questions will come from the following subjects: Water potential / Alternation of Generations Bryophytes / Seedless vascular plants Gymnosperms / Angiosperms / Amniotic egg Coelom / Mycelium / Mycorrhizae Species / Allopatric speciation / Chemiosmosis Serial endosymbiotic theory (origin of eucaryotic cells) Compare deuterostomes versus protostomes (what phyla are included, cleavage, blastopore fate, coelom formation) Membrane potential of plant cells Transport of phloem sap Animal embryonic development through and including the gastrula and germ layers. Wolff – 20 Questions will come from the material on Exam 3 70-80 Exam questions will come from the new material (since Ex. 3) Study – Chpt. 42 on gas exchange/respiration - Chpt. 44 water balance/excretion - Chpt. 43 see notes in class and on blackboard
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