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BIOL 101 Chapter 7

BIOL 101 Chapter 7 - • Plant cell = flaccid Hypotonic •...

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BIOL 101 Chapter 7 Membrane Structure and Function I.000 Composition of the Plasma Membrane Phospholipid bilayer Integral and peripheral proteins Cholesterol ‘fluid mosaic model’ Functions of Integral Membrane Proteins Channels or pores for transport Examples: Receptors ECM-cytoplasm and cell-cell junctions Function of Peripheral proteins Functions of Membrane Carbohydrates Identification/ recognition Glycolipid Glycoprotein Example – Attach to other surfaces II. Membrane Transport Passive transport Particle moves down a concentration gradient No energy required Simple diffusion Osmosis Facilitated diffusion Isotonic Animal cell = no water movement
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Unformatted text preview: • Plant cell = flaccid Hypotonic • Animal cell = swell; lysis • Plant cell = turgid Hypertonic • Animal cell = shrink • Plant cell = plasmolysis Active Transport • Particle moves up a concentration gradient • Requires ATP • Pumps to move ions • Types of Active Processes • Sodium/Potassium ATP pump • Proton pump • Calcium ATP pump • Na + /K + ATP pump • ________Na + out • ________ K + in • Polarized membrane • Resting membrane potential Transport of Large Substances Endocytosis • Pinocytosis • Phagocytosis • Receptor-mediated endocytosis Exocytosis – Secretion from vesicles • Hormones • neurotransmitters...
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BIOL 101 Chapter 7 - • Plant cell = flaccid Hypotonic •...

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