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Insect Chemistry - • go back and forth across this conic...

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Insect Chemistry Semiochemicals – The gerneral term for all chemicals involved in communications o Pheromones – chemical messages induce a behavioral reaction or physiological process among individuals o Can use pheromones to disrupt the mating process of pests Light Brown Apple Moth – attacks over 250 species of plants Evidence of pheromones first reported by Faber in the 1870s Identification of a pheromone was first done by Butenandt in 1959 found for the silkworm Moth not a single compound, but a blend of many compounds Pheromones in social insects act as alarm, defense, Trail and Recruitment, o trail pheromones used extensively by ants o anti-aphrodisiac used by males during mating to keep other males away queen pheromone o colony productivity and inhibits ovary development pheromones are released in a conic area only need a several parts per million to detect a female
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Unformatted text preview: • go back and forth across this conic area to find female o humans use this to advantage, blanket the area in the female’s pheromone so they can’t find the female • Kairomones – chemical cues between individuals of different species that benefit the receiver o used by parasites to find victims • Allomones – chemical cues between individuals of different species that benefit the emitter o typically these are defensive compounds o hemolymph – Toxins or feeding deterrents either produced or sequestered exocrine glands – cuticular pouches, poison sacs reflex bleeding – exudes a drop of hemolymph o eversible glands – hide glands that are then covered with something to deter a predator o aposematic signals – “blue jay experiment” –fed monarch butterfly and got sick o saliva – spitting by some assassin bugs...
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