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Chapter 12 and 13 - Chapter 12 Mitosis CELL CYCLE Cell...

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Chapter 12 Mitosis CELL CYCLE Cell division necessary for Reproduction Growth Repair Mitosis produces 2 genetically equivalent daughter cells from one parent cytokinesis divides the cytoplasm to two cells Ex. Amoeba – one parent divides to produce offspring Plants – cutting to produce new plant Animals – cells of skin divide to replace dead cells RBC continually produced from stem cells in bone marrow DNA must replicate and split to 2 cells DNA in chromosomes Each species has specific # of chromosomes ‘ Humans have 46 or 23 pairs Reproductive cells have 23 pairs Gametes – egg and sperm these are produced by a different division called meiosis which reduces the # of chromosomes to ½ Chromosome = 1 long DNA molecule with 100-1000s of genes appears as chromatin in cell not dividing
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Chromatin condenses and coils ito a dense chromosome structure visible under light microscope Protein region at waist = centromere Stages of the cell cycle Interphase – G1, S, G2 G1 – growth maintenance (G0) S – synthesis or DNA replication Overview of DNA replication G2 – growth and prepare for mitosis and replication of the centrosome – mitotic organizing center (MOC) asters appear from centrioles microtubules - and 1 or more nucleoli present MITOSIS stages Prophase No nucleoli appear DNA in chromosome structure Sister chromatids attached with centromere Mitotic spindle forms as microtubules elongate from the centrioles and move to opposite poles as elongation continues some microtubules from break down of cytoskeleton may contribute to spindle formation Prometaphase Break down of nuclear envelope
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Chapter 12 and 13 - Chapter 12 Mitosis CELL CYCLE Cell...

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