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BIOL101  EXAM 2  STUDY QUESTIONS Be able to define: Energy metabolism: anabolism cellular respiration photosynthesis Autotroph, phototroph, chemotroph, heterotroph photon Kinetic energy potential energy mesophyll cell stomata Describe the following chemical reactions and identify where they occur: Redox deamination oxidative phosphorylation Substate level phosphorylation Compare the structure and function of the mitochondrion with the chloroplast including all of the terms: Cristae intermembrane space matrix DNA ribosomes Enzymes thylokoid grana (granum) stroma Double membrane Location of: ETC, Calvin cycle, Kreb’s cycle; photosystems I and II, chlorophyll Enzymes Describe the following as they apply to enzymes: What is an enzyme? How does it work? What factors alter an enzyme’s activity? Why is enzyme regulation important? Include the following terms: Active site allosteric site cofactor coenzyme substrate product
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