Cellular Respiration Diagram

Cellular Respiration Diagram - lipolysis Urea cycle...

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Glucose glycogenesis Glycogen G-6-P glycogenolysis GLYCOLYSIS ATP NAD + NADH Low O 2 into blood to liver Pyruvate fermentation lactic acid Amino Acids (Deamination) Glucogenic CO 2 Ketogenic NAD + NADH Acetate ketones NH 4 + Acetyl CoA Fatty Acids
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Unformatted text preview: lipolysis Urea cycle + glycerol triglyceride (Excrete) KREB’S CYCLE Oxaloacetate citrate ATP (from GTP) 2 CO 2 NAD + NADH FADH + FADH 2 FADH 2 FADH + NADH NAD + ELECTRON TRANSPORT CHAIN O 2 H 2 O Oxidative phosphorylation ADP ATP...
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