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Essentials of Geology (10th Edition)

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Volcanoes and Other Igneous Activity begins with a description of the nature of volcanic eruptions and how the composition, temperature, and volatiles affect the viscosity of magma. Following a discussion of the materials extruded during an eruption and the types of volcanic cones, various volcanic landforms are presented. The discussion of intrusive igneous activity includes descriptions of the various intrusive igneous bodies. After examining the origin of magma, the chapter concludes with presentations on the relation between igneous activity and plate tectonics and the global distribution of igneous activity. Learning Objectives After reading, studying, and discussing the chapter, students should be able to: Discuss the differences between explosive and relatively mild volcanic activity. Discuss viscosity, silica content, volatiles, and temperature as each relates to magma composition. List the various materials erupted from volcanoes. Compare and contrast shield volcanoes, stratovolcanoes, and cinder cones. Discuss the hazards and features associated with explosive volcanic eruptions. Explain the origin of other landforms including calderas, necks, lava domes, and lava plateaus. List and describe the various types of plutonic igneous bodies. Discuss igneous activity at divergent margins, subduction zones, and intraplate regions. Chapter Outline ___________________________________________________________________ I. Volcanic eruptions A. Factors that determine the violence of an eruption 1. Composition of the magma 2. Temperature of the magma 3. Dissolved gases in the magma
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Ch04 Outline - Chapter 4 Volcanoes and Other Igneous...

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