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AED/201 Heather Coldani Tonia Stoneman Governance and Finance in Education When it comes to trying to get new computers and internet access for my classroom, I would first go to the school principal. I would explain the urgent need that our students have for internet access and computer experience. If the principal could not allocate the funds, I would then appeal to the district superintendent’s office. I would again explain the urgency of the problem. The next course of action would be to the School Board. I have been told by teachers in my area that this action is detrimental to my position as a teacher. No teacher should appeal to the school board directly. You should have the principal appeal to the superintendent and then to the school board.
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Unformatted text preview: There are other courses of action to take when you are in need of school equipment. You can appeal to the PTO. That is one of the reasons that we have the PTO. They are there to help teachers, students, and the school, get what they need to provide a proper education. They are known to be able to buy equipment that is not in the school budget. You can also apply for a grant from the state. They are hard to get, but not impossible. If the individual teacher applies for the grant and provides efficient information in their application, the state will sometimes award money for their cause....
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