Big Business with John D - Big Business with John D....

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Big Business with John D. Rockefeller Tonia Stoneman HIS/125 Rona Gunter March 19, 2011
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The railroads were America’s first big business. Along with the railroads came new management techniques that America’s big companies began to adopt. One of the most well known owner’s of a big business in America was John Davison Rockefeller. He was considered one of the wealthiest men in United States History. John D. Rockefeller came from a very meager past. His father was a farmer and a bigamist. Rockefeller was taken out of school at the age of sixteen due to his father’s behavior. He found his first job as a bookkeeper in Cleveland, Ohio. This job only paid fifty cents a day. His real career came along in 1862 when he partnered up with a man named Samuel Andrews. Samuel Andrews was an inventor who came up with a way to refine crude oil into kerosene. During this time in history people fueled their lanterns with whale oil, which was expensive and hard to come by. The kerosene that they would be producing would be cheaper for everyone to buy and use, since oil had been discovered in the west. By 1870 Rockefeller was able to start a public company called Standard Oil. Of course he owned the controlling shares. Two years later he formed a group called the South
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Big Business with John D - Big Business with John D....

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