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City Culture - There was also a change in the way the...

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City Culture 1 City Culture Tonia Stoneman HIS/125 Rona Gunter March 25, 2011
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City Culture 2
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There were many changes in the city culture of the United States during the 19 th century. There were many factors that brought on this change. Big business, industrialization, and politics were all part of the change. One of the major factors in the change in the city culture was the industrialization of the cities. These industries brought many people to the cities because machinery had rendered them useless to the farmers. They moved to the cities to get jobs in the factories.
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Unformatted text preview: There was also a change in the way the cities were governed. There were bosses and political machines. This set precedence for the way our government is set up today. These bosses were in control of the cities. They were also power hungry. These changes made the United States what it is today. Without the industrialization and the changes in the politics, the United States would probably not be the super power that it is today. These changes made the country stable and strong....
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