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HIS/125 Rona Gunter Tonia Stoneman Fourteenth Amendment The Fourteenth Amendment gave anyone that was born or naturalized in the United States, citizenship, except the Native Americans. It gave them rights to due process and the same protection as everyone else. The fourteenth amendment gave African Americans citizenship if they were born in the United States. It all gave the equal rights under protection of the law. It made all slaves equal to everyone and gave them equal rights under the law of the state they lived in. The Freedman’s Bureau was established in 1865. It was created to help former slaves get homes, clothes, food, and jobs.
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Unformatted text preview: Its main purpose was to provide medical care and schools to freed slaves. It was ran by the federal troops. The Freedmen’s Bureau helped African Americans get an education and work. It also established hospitals for the freedmen. It was meant to provide ex-slaves with land, but Andrew Johnson took the land back from them. They tried to use the bureau as a court system for the blacks because they knew that they would not be tried fair in regular courts. They were met by great opposition from the confederates. The Bureau was meant to be a one year program, but it lasted until 1868....
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