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Week 8- DQ 1 The Great Depression had a huge economical and psychological toll on Americans. The psychological effects of the depression impacted mostly the middle and lower class families. Society of the 1920’s was a more traditional way of living, with the men as the main bread winners. When the depression hit, many men were out of work and their wives and children had to get jobs doing whatever they can to make money. Domestic violence and child abuse increased during this time. Families were stressed out and embarrassed because of the need to get government assistance and aid from other organizations.
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Unformatted text preview: They began fighting with each other. Some people postponed weddings and divorces due to lack of funds. Economically the country was a disaster. Many large companies were shutting down. Banks were closing with no warning. People were losing their monies that were in these banks because there was not insurance at the time. Companies were closing with no warning which is how it got the nickname, the Great Leveler. The economy was basically leveled....
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