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Unformatted text preview: H IS/125 Rona Gunter Tonia Stoneman World War II Timeline June 10, 1940il 1941- Pearlannounceseezes signsemberry iesyand–pr ices. allowsandtgas destritwar.supplyingis done eo ms.Fr anceinjur ed. ms. December 7, 1, August Roosevelt TheUS wages, salar 10,stAct tomicdeclar es neutoyaidtyeshow t and Fr ance wit h arkilled and wit h ar Apr – Roosevelt6,H ar bor was switSeptebr uar alitalitAt USThe peace tus was arBr rat ill hem This we it ainttandem inf lat ion. 1943 – November 4, 1939 a US dr opped Neut r The which Food rency while st ioned. t hat Br had he power. 1945 – fr - bombed by Japan. 1947o “non-belligerJapan, o in oyed. Thousands wer st chF om t he fir y USPacific Fleet r alit signed. fr Neut 5, 1939 – Bomb on eat was ain ...
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