Reaganomics - caught in tedious jobs He then implemented the Economic Tax Act which reduced taxes by twenty five percent This increased industry It

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HIS/135 Morgen Rogers Tonia Stoneman Reaganomics Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980. His Hollywood past and good looks got him in the door. His economics policies were not very prosperous for our nation. Reagan wanted to increase military power. He wanted us to be the true superpower. His military ambition caused a great national deficit. He also cut taxes to the wealthy and he cut the budgets for the middle and lower class. This caused the United States society to split. Unemployment rates were up and many people that were employed were
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Unformatted text preview: caught in tedious jobs. He then implemented the Economic Tax Act which reduced taxes by twenty five percent. This increased industry. It also brought more jobs for the wealthy blue collar workers. It allowed many jobs to be sent to other countries like Mexico. His increased spending for the military was mostly for expensive nuclear weapons increased the national deficit to $400 billion. This was the greatest deficit yet....
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