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Unformatted text preview: Social Insects Termites isoptera same wing ant and termite differences o termites have a fat waist and a beaded antennae o ants have elbowed antennae o termites work their young Termites are at least 100 million years old Roaches and termites are related 2600 different species of termites Key features - indentations on the mandibles and vein structure in the wings Soldiers are used for defense o in times of famine they are eaten Castes o prolific egg laying can lay as many as 1000 eggs a day o also have a king that is constantly giving sperm to the queen Termites often dominate most landscapes o except polar regions Global numbers are at least 1015 Drywood termite problem in Rome o normally Europe doesn't have termites because it's a colder climate species were brought in What is being done about the problems? o POPs, persistent organic pollutes o global treaty, Stockholm convention Control Options o fumigation, heat, liquid nitrogen, microwave Where are the termites coming from? o often come through a window ...
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