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strategicmanagementprocess - What are the main threats to...

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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PROCESS The Strategic Management Process consists of three main parts as can be illustrated in the diagram below: In small groups, you are going to apply this process to the Post Office and prepare a brief presentation using suitable visual aids, in which you must: Conduct a strategic analysis into the businesses current difficulties What are the likely aims and objectives of the business? What environmental factors have led to the businesses current problems? Which ones are likely to affect them in the future? Have any internal factors contributed to the current situation? Identify at least two strategic options and evaluate which would be the one most likely to improve the businesses performance; What opportunities are open to the business now and in the future?
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Unformatted text preview: What are the main threats to the businesses and how should it address them? What strengths does it have and how can it build on these? What are its weaknesses and what should it do about them? • Discuss any issues that would need to be considered in order to successfully implement the proposed strategy. How is the strategy to be implemented? What resources will be needed? Which stakeholders are likely to be most affected and in what way? What performance indicators will be used to determine its success or failure? Useful references : • BBC NEWS/Business/Q&A: Post pay dispute • BBC NEWS/Business/Royal Mail halves its losses video • BBC NEWS/Business/Q&A: Why Royal Mail is in trouble • BBC NEWS/Business/Q&A: The Post Office crisis © thebusinet.co.uk 2003...
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