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Caitlin McGowan Darwin’s Dangerous Idea Darwinism is a sequence of movements and concepts that relate to some ideas of transmutation of species, commonly known as evolution. Darwinism has many different views and varieties depending on the individuals view. In “Darwin’s Diary”, I learned a about Darwin’s family and home life. Him and his sister are the youngest of six siblings. He was very close to his brother, Erasmus. Erasmus was one of the few people who Darwin shared his secret views on
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Unformatted text preview: evolution. Darwin developed his passion for naturalizing and hunting at his family home in the town of Shrewsbury. In Kevles essay In the Name of Darwin, I learned that Darwins theories were modified by others and applied to social issues such as the survival of the fittest, social prejudice, and even economically. In An Origin of Species, I learned how a new species can evolve throughout time and evolution....
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