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Lab 1 McGowan - that the heart is working efficiently A physician might infer that my “subject” is a low risk for heart disease 3 One piece of

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Think Biologically 1. a) 1. My “subject” was healthy with a 96.8 temperature (immune system), a 72-pulse rate (circulatory system), and a blood pressure of 110/70 (circulatory system). I also noticed some redness in her eyes, which meant they were a little bit irritated. 1. b) The circulatory system is the vessels that transport blood, nutrients, and waste around the body. The immune system is our body’s defense system that fights against infections and diseases. 1. c) A blocked artery is an example of an abnormality. When this occurs the body does not allow the blood to get through artery. Not allowing the blood to carry oxygen to the heart or the brain. Therefore, an abnormality, disease, or injury of one body system can affect the overall organism because everything works together. 2. From my observations, I can infer that my “subject” has low blood pressure. Which means
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Unformatted text preview: that the heart is working efficiently. A physician might infer that my “subject” is a low risk for heart disease. 3. One piece of evidence such as overweight or obesity, the inference could be a possibility of heart disease or diabetes. 4. Heart sounds are direct because you are actually listening to the beat of the heart and blood pressure is indirect. The air pressure in the cuff stops the flow of the blood and as you release the pressure the blood starts to flow through the walls giving off a sound through the stethoscope allowing you to record a blood pressure. 5. The special characteristics of science observation are factual, logical, objective, systematic, observable, and analyzable information....
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