HamletRD - Caitlin McGowan Professor Kegler EN102 Section...

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Caitlin McGowan April 24, 2011 Professor Kegler EN102 – Section 81 Hamlet Rough Draft Mike: So remind me why I’m here please… Dr. Boozes: Michael, you’re father feels that this is the best thing for you at the moment. Mike: He is NOT my father. He is my uncle and a real jerk. Dr. Boozes: Well Michael, you do realize that he is also your stepfather now…don’t you? Mike: Yeah that is only because my mother felt the need to go along with this incestuous union. Dr. Boozes: Your uncle is your father's brother…he is not related to your mother by blood. Mike: I don’t care if they aren’t related by blood! My uncle is my father’s brother! When my parents got married that made my uncle related to my mother. Therefore, she is related to him and consequently this new union is incest! Dr. Boozes: Well Michael, I don’t think that it works like that. Mike: Well, in my world it does. Dr. Boozes: I see that. So, do you know why your stepfather admitted you here? Mike: Probably because my uncle realized that I know the truth. Dr. Boozes: The truth about what Michael? Mike: The truth about my uncle killing my father so he could be CEO of the family business and then marry my mother! Dr. Boozes: I see. Now let’s get started talking about the events surrounding your break with reality so we can get into some of the underlying issues. Mike: I didn’t break with reality. Dr. Boozes: Now Michael, you do realize that you practically brought about the deaths of everyone that was close to you…don’t you? Mike: I was only going after my uncle.
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HamletRD - Caitlin McGowan Professor Kegler EN102 Section...

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