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Journal Entry #5 - behind the writing This academic essay...

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Caitlin McGowan March 12, 2011 Professor Kegler EN102 – Section 81 Journal Entry #5 Do you consider the news articles and Florence King's essay retellings of the story presented in the Fall River Axe Murders? Why or why not? What is so different about them that we even have to raise the question? How does the change in perspective and the change in the motivation behind the writing of these materials (a fictional essay meant to entertain, a few newspaper articles meant to persuade, and an essay meant to analyze) effect our view of their validity as retellings? How should it effect our interpretation of them? I believe that the news articles and Florence King’s essay can be considered retellings of the story presented in the Fall River Axe Murders. I believe that King’s essay was a personal point of view of the Lizzie Borden case written in an academic format. I definitely agree that the format of the retelling definitely changes the motivation
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Unformatted text preview: behind the writing. This academic essay is meant to analyze. The news articles are meant to persuade people’s opinions and views. In addition, the original story was meant for entertainment purposes. The different materials and types of writings manipulate and affect our view of their validity as a retelling because of the way we judge them. We believe that stories are something passed down and told, news articles are facts and interviews, and essays are all about analyzing and looking at something from a different point of view. The news articles are different because each individual article was from different perspectives. For example, in the first news article “In a New Light” Lizzie’s friend was being interviewed. My interpretation of this article (retelling) was simply Lizzie’s friend trying to stick up and cover for Lizzie, just like any other friend would do. Therefore, this article wasn’t really reliable....
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