EN101FINALD - "Excuse me do you know who I am Those were...

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"Excuse me, do you know who I am?" Those were the first words that came out of Grace Troy’s snobby mouth when she ran into the new girl, Abby Wilson. Grace is the most popular girl in New Providence High School, she is the leader of the admired “clique”. Unfortunately for Abby, it was her first day and she didn't know anyone. Nothing is worse than transferring to a new school in the middle of the school year. Abby’s day only continued to get worse especially when lunchtime came around. It took Abby a little while to find where the lunchroom was so by the time she got there all of the “edible” food was gone. Therefore, Abby was stuck grabbing the cold grilled cheese sandwich and expired chocolate milk. She didn't really seem to mind the grilled cheese but there was no way that she was drinking the chocolate milk. However, that was the least of Abby’s worries, her biggest concern was that she had no place to sit. Grace walked up to her and invited her to sit with her and her sidekick, Beth. Abby felt uncomfortable and knew they probably only invited her to sit with them so they could make fun of her. However, she knew that Grace was the most popular girl in the school so she couldn't resist. Abby placed her lunch down on the table and introduced herself to Beth. Grace rudely interrupted her and pointed at Abby’s lunch "Gross, a grilled cheese? That’s nothing but carbs. You really should watch what you eat if you plan on sitting with us." Grace said disgusted. As the conversations continued, Abby started to feel comfortable and began to relate to some of the things the girls were talking about. “This isn’t too bad, I think they like me.” Abby thought to herself. When she stood up to go throw away her lunch Grace told Abby that she would just throw away her garbage for her because Grace was closer to the trash. Apparently it was an accident, but somehow Grace tripped and the chocolate milk spilled all over Abby. It was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to her. Everyone was pointing and laughing at her. At this point, all Abby wanted to do at this point was go home and hide. She ran out of the
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lunchroom and headed towards the gym locker room. For some strange reason, Abby’s gym clothes were missing out of her locker. She assumed that Grace and Beth definitely had something to do with it. So, Abby went to the bathroom to try and wash up. In the bathroom there were two girls, Paige and Kathy, they were kind enough to help out Abby and lend her extra clothes. They mingled for a little and ended up exchanging numbers. When she was entering their contact info into her phone she realized that they had the same last names as Grace and Beth. She could not believe that these nice girls were related to the mean girls who spilt the milk on her! It turns out that, Paige is Beth’s sister and Kathy is Grace’s sister. Kathy and Paige were heading out the door. "Hey Paige, wait up! Can I ask you something?" Abby shouted to
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EN101FINALD - "Excuse me do you know who I am Those were...

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