caroline - To Whom it May Concern We are very uncomfortable...

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To Whom it May Concern, We are very uncomfortable living with Caroline Hughes. This has been an ongoing uncomfortable living situation, in which we feel as if our belongings and health are in danger. After winter break, we dealt with the guilt of knowing that Caroline was cutting her wrists. At first Alexa approached her and she promised her she would never do it again and Alexa took away all of the devices she was using. About a month and a half ago, Caitlin, Caroline, Alexa, and some friends wee hanging out in our room waiting for Domino’s. As we all got distracted on video chat, we realized how long Caroline had been in the bathroom. Domino’s then called, and we all went to get the food. Caroline walked out of the bathroom and came with us to get the food. Alexa noticed something wasn’t right with Caroline. She then asked her to show her, her wrists. At first she refused to show Alexa the wrist that was cut, then she did and Alexa saw the blood first hand and then helped clean her up. About three weeks ago, we noticed Caroline’s moods had been bipolar and she was cutting again. We approached our RA Meghan about it and we immediately had a meeting with Heather. We felt very concerned for her well being and we we’re not comfortable having to deal with this on top of our workload; it wasn’t fair. Throughout the whole school year including the first semester, Caroline constantly took advantage of our belongings. She would use and take stuff of ours without asking which was not okay in our Roommate Contract. We’ve talked to our former RA Amanda, and we thought that it was going to conclude but it began to worsen. This would include the following: food, water, silverware and so forth. We began to make it clear that our belongings were not communal, but her actions continued. Mood swings began to constantly happen when we would least expect it. We would all be half-asleep in our beds and Caroline would stumble in and begin to talk about us while she
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though we were sleeping. One occasion, Alexa had the remote on her bed, and she was half-
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caroline - To Whom it May Concern We are very uncomfortable...

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