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April 6, 2011 If you need help - NO FEAR SPARK NOTES!! For HW: read 1257-1299 Acts III and IV for Friday Plot Summary: Ghost shows up. Guards decided to tell Hamlet. After that, comes the scene with the Polonius family. Hamlet goes and stands watch with them, and then he sees the ghost. He talks with the ghost. Ghost dad tells Hamlet that he god murdered, and it was his uncle, he said leave his mom alone, and his uncle is a jerk. Hamlet starts to act crazy. He acts crazy with Ophelia. She is no longer trying to hang out with Hamlet. Polonius runs to the King and Queen and says “OMG I think I know why Hamlet is crazy because of Ophelia” Hamlet comes in and starts to formulate his plot. Story about a brother who killed a brother with poison. And Hamlet hopes to out his uncle. 1. Look at Act I, Scene I. How does it set up the rest of the play? -In Act I, Scene I the two guards see a ghost. The ghost doesn’t say anything yet. We don’t know who it is, but it looks like the king. The guards freak out a little.
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Unformatted text preview: They try to talk to the ghost and they realize they cannot talk to it. They decided to go find Hamlet. This sets up the rest of the play by showing that drama/stuff is going to happen. We learn that murders are going to happen/already have happened. Hinted that Hamlet senior is dead – how? 2. In Act I, Scene III, we see a moment *between the “Polonius” family – how do their family relationships differ from Hamlet’s family? Are they healthy relationships? *This includes: Ophelia & Laertes’ talk about Hamlet Laertes & Polonius’ talk Polonius & Ophelia’s talk about Hamlet Hamlet’s family: unhealthy relationship-Hamlet’s depressed and pissed off that his mother married his uncle-Gertrude is passive/just kind of there-The uncle is a jerk. (careless/not nice/no sympathy for his brothers death) Polonius’ family:-Polonius/Laertes – good-Polonius/Ophelia – good-Ophelia/Laretes...
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