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Caitlin McGowan March 27, 2011 Professor Kegler EN102 – Section 81 Lizzie Borden Paper Proposal Option 1: The news articles and Florence Kings’ essay are not as similar to the original as the other retellings that we have come across previously. What makes these ones so different from the original? Think about the purpose of each piece that you read- how can an author manipulate various aspects of the writing process (and the very details themselves at times vis a vis omission) in order to influence the final piece in such a way as to potentially change our interpretation of the original material? What purpose does this manipulation serve? Think of a real life example to illustrate just how serious this manipulation can be. ** (Part II, for the final draft!) We also see here a tenuous connection between Lizzie and Carrie. Do you think Carrie really is a retelling of Lizzie’s story? What is so different that we may have trouble seeing the connection? What similarities did you find? Do you think the difficulty in
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LizzieBordenPaperProposal - Caitlin McGowan Professor...

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