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InClassWriting - intended audience and the tone of the...

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E102 In-Class Writing 03/23/2011 In-class writing: In dealing with the Lizzie Borden materials, we dealt with 3 different types of writing (semi-fictional short story (carter), newspaper articles, and a non-fiction (king) academic essay). Discuss the biases and reasons that we could consider each genre unreliable, keeping in mind the motivation of the author for writing the piece, the
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Unformatted text preview: intended audience and the tone of the piece itself. Newspaper stuff: 1. Article 2. Defense 3. Sister Alternate Question: In many stories, women are continually portrayed as victims overcoming their oppressors – while it is important to discuss overcoming adversity, what potential harm could you see it perpetually casting women in the role of the victimized?...
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