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Caitlin McGowan February 25, 2011 Professor Kegler EN102 – Section 81 Journal Entry #4 What changes when we watch Smooth Talk? Obviously some characters and details are different, but how does the change in medium affect our understanding and interpretation of the story? The film Smooth Talk is a retelling of Joyce Carol Oates’ story Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? I personally believe that it is a whole different experience when you are watching the movie instead of reading the story. When you are watching a movie you can see and hear each individual detail. When you a reading a story you are using your own imagination to create your personal perspective of the story. The change in the medium definitely broadens our potential understanding of the original story because some details and emotions cannot be explained in a story as well as they
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Unformatted text preview: can be presented when they are shown in a movie. It is almost impossible and very tricky to take the original text and transform it into a movie without minor details and characteristics getting twisted and changed around. In Smooth Talk, the main character Connie, for the most part, shares the same characteristics and personality traits as the Connie did in Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Since Smooth Talk was a film version of the story, it was easier to see and put together Connie’s characteristics in the eyes of how the author wanted them to be presented. While reading Oates’ story, we had the ability and freedom to picture our own visualization of Connie....
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