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DiagnositcEssayEn102 - There were main events in each of...

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Caitlin McGowan Professor Kegler 01/24/2011 EN102 Diagnostic Essay From generation to generation stories tend to be retold and changed around. When a story is retold several things are changed and altered about the original. Sometimes the stories are changed when they are retold because the person telling the story twisted it a little. In addition, many times the person retelling the story remembered the original story differently. It could be anything from a minor detail such as the name of the street a character lives on or it could be a major detail such as changing how the story ended. The three Cinderella stories share both similarities and differences. They tend to share the same idea and storyline with eachother. In each of the stories they all have a stepmother. In addition, the Cinderella character is treated very poorly in all three stories.
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Unformatted text preview: There were main events in each of the Cinderella stories but they were all different types of events. In Walt Disney’s “Cinderella” there was a ball. In “Brothers Grimm” there was a wedding and Cinderella’s stepfather was also included in the story. In “Yeh-hsien” there was a cave-festival. In addition, In the Cinderella stories the main character is forced to do different types of chores for the stepmother. The changed in the retellings of the stories are the way they are for many reasons. Many times the author who is retelling the story can relate the story to their background and culture. The person who is retelling the story simply saw the story in his or her own perspective, which made them tell the story in their point of view....
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