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ART MONUMENTS Final - Machu Picchu 15 c Peru Inca-Dressed...

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Dome of the Rock 687-692 Israel Islamic -Symbolizes power of Islam -earliest Islamic structure in the world -earliest known versus from Kuran written on interior Great Mosque at Cordoba 8 th -10 th c. Spain Islamic -Double arches -Tons of columns Mihrab Ca. 1374 Islamic -points to Mecca -blue gets rid of evil Teotihuacan c. 100 BCE-750 Mexico -grid pattern -main buildings=temples Ball Court Ca. 738 Honduras Shield Jaguar and Lady Xoc c. 725 Limestone Mexico Maya -blood-giving ceremony Embroidered funerary banner 1 st c. Peru Ear ornament c. 300 Gold & turquoise Peru Moche -self-portrait Serpent Mound Ca. 1070 Ohio -looks like snake Borgia Codex 1400-1500 Mexico -God of Life -God of Death
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Unformatted text preview: Machu Picchu 15 c. Peru Inca-Dressed stone-1 way in 1 way out Jar Maria Martinez c. 1939 New Mexico-Anasazi Yupik Mask 20th c. Alaska -north wind-hoop=containing all things-success in hunting Ivory Belt Mask of a Queen Mother Mid 16 th c. Nigeria -ivory=wealth & status Nail Figure Ca. 1875-1900 Kongo-catch gods attention-nails=wishes-metal=precious offering Ngady Amwaash Mask Late 19 th early 20 th c. Kuba-shells=wealth&status-stripes=tears Bisj Poles Early mid 20 th c. New Guinea War God Hawaii Moai 10 th-12 th c. Easter Island God of Winds 1984 Oceania -blowing winds away-spirals/tattoo...
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